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This is a design of a lesson on money math for third graders.

Motivation Practices

I will be using Interactionist practices to motivate my students. The Interactionist perspective is motivation that heightens awareness of how the students everyday interactions influence their motivation. I feel this is the most hands on theory, and my students would learn the most this way. It focuses on the classroom interaction and the elements that support the child. Supporting the child helps them in the learning process, and also lets the student know there are available resources to help them along the way. Although I feel rewards are a good way to get students motivated, it is not the only way, and I cannot reward them every time they do something good.


For my first activity, I chose to put students into groups because I feel that group work motivates student more, rather than working alone. Actually having paper money will also motivate them because it is very hands on, and it is much more "fun" to actually work with something than just doing calculations on paper.

For my second activity, I feel that role playing will motivate the students because they will be excited about taking turns being the cashier and the customer. I think this is much more beneficial than just writing anweres on a piece of paper, and also lets the students use their imagination. This way, it is working with more than one subject.

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  • @ 04/26/11 22:37 EST on Page: Grouping - Flag(0)
    I love your project. It's detailed, and creative. I agree with your idea about the importance of organizing the classroom so that students can interact with one and other. I also liked the idea of not making the front of the room the focus all the time. Your project inspired me to add more pictures to mine!
  • @ 04/27/11 01:36 EST on Page: My Theory of Learning - Flag(0)
    I think your first activity is a great way to teach about money. It allows the student's to be involved in a "hands on" activity. This will allow them to interact with their peers as well as being able to sort the money on their own. It is especially great for visual and active learners. I think this a really great lesson for young children. 
  • @ 04/30/11 05:14 EST on Page: Overview - Flag(0)

    I think that you picked out a great lesson to do.  It is a very important topic for students to understand because money is an essential part of our daily lives.  I think that your overview page is very well done, very informative, and very organized.  Great Job!!!

  • @ 04/30/11 14:41 EST on Page: Assessment - Flag(0)

    I love the pictures on the bars. I think your work is extreamly well orginized. I do think that you could make the fonts more consistant throughout the page.


  • @ 05/01/11 14:50 EST on Page: Motivation Practices - Flag(0)
    I never really thought of solely using an interactionist way of motivating my future students, but from what you explained, it sounds like a great way to motivate a class that supports your theory of learning. 
  • @ 05/04/11 04:12 EST on Page: Motivation Practices - Flag(0)
    I really like that you decided to use interactionist motivation, also how you use group motivations as well I believe this will work great in your future classroom.